Tamil textBooks

Learning should be a beautiful experience!


Why did we build this site?

As many of you, we are parents as well. And we wanted our children to learn our mother tounge Tamil. But when we looked around we couldn't find quality books readily available online. Fortunately government of Tamilnadu released the school text books online. But they don't lend themselves readily for easy online reading. So we decided to bridge those gaps and provide easy to use, readily available text books which every one can read online.

Why do we see ads on the books?

It takes lot of time and effort to design a website and keep it running. The revenue from the ads helps to cover a portion of our costs. When click on a ad the advertiser pays google money and a small portion of it comes to us. Our current Ad revenue is not enough to cover even the basic costs.

Can I practice timed model exams of SSLC and Plus 2?

This will be available soon from our partner site for a small fee. We don't intend to provide that service through us. However you can find the past official public exam question papers in our site here and can make use of it.

What do I need to read the books?

Not a lot! Just any modern browser on a computer/mobile should be enough to read the books.